About Us

Maine Coon Kittens 4 Sale/Adoption
We welcome you!!!. We are situated in Lincoln, Nebraska and our cattery specializes in producing Hybrid felines from our own multi-generational bloodlines. We have Maine Coon Kittens for sale from exceptional and champion bloodlines. Maine coon giants was established, arranged and began work in 2014. However, around then, we had no guardian, 1 veterinarian and 2 receptionists. Over the prior years we have had caretakers and arranged strategies. Now, we have 15 paraprofessional staff, 3 full time veterinarians as well as 1-low help veterinarian. Since Maine coon giants opened, our attributes have stayed fervent. Our cattery is going on with our objective of keeping up awe- inspiring assistance of our clients while providing genuine pets. We sell Maine coon cats at their top performance and quality.

Your deposit holds your space and guarantees your spot to get a kitten but there is no guarantee on which kitten you will get till the picks are made at 6-8 weeks of age in the order the deposits were placed. A good kitten does not always match up with the colors you may want. We do not focus on color as much as temperament and quality good kitten’s. If you are looking for certain color and working ability you may have to wait on the next litter coming. 

Maine Coon Giants: Kitten care area

Maine coon giants have a completely loaded Care area for the kittens. This incorporates two hatcheries and all the feeding bottles items used to take care of the kittens. We raise all of our kittens at our center and this enables us keep a close watch. The main kitten area is an entire 1,500 sqft area in our center. This is a cat’s safe place. It is full of toys and trees among others and is organized, always clean and well maintained. Our cattery trusts in breeding responsibly. This implies testing the parents of each litter to ensure they are negative for explicit medical issues. Therefore, each of the grown-up cats in our rearing system are DNA health tested before replicating.

Breeder Screening

Every member of our breeder community must pass a comprehensive, proprietary 100+ point screening process that goes above and beyond USDA and state regulations. For that very reason, we accept fewer than 10% of all potential breeder applicants.